Salesian pilgrimage to World Youth Day

A 16 hour plane ride that leaves at 7:40am but then also lands at 6:10am on the same day albeit in a foreign land is enough to take the wind out of anyone’s sails. However, for our group of 22 pilgrims, fearlessly led by Romina Martiniello and Lauren Hichaaba on our way to Panama for World Youth Day, this simply wasn’t an option! As the group filed into the St Joseph Salesian Retreat Centre in Los Angeles, USA, the scent of a freshly cooked breakfast feast filled their nostrils – and the whirlwind adventures began for real!

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Holiness is fullness of life and synonymous with happiness

By Mother Evonne Reungoat, Superior General of the Salesian Sisters

At the beginning of the new year, we welcome with joy and gratitude the comment of Strenna 2019 that the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, presented at the Generalate on 27 December. This annual event brought a breath of Salesian and ecclesial air to all of us, thanks to the enthusiasm and depth with which the theme was presented to us:

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Editorial - The things that divide

Editorial from the Australian Salesian Bulletin, Summer 2018 issue

By Fr Frank Freeman, Editor

The Synod is an opportunity to talk about young people and with young people, but the Church also has a lot to learn from them.

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The most splendid and precious money I have ever seen

By Fr Angel Fernandez Artime SDB, Rector Major of the Salesians of Don Bosco

My dear readers of the Salesian Bulletin,
I greet you warmly again and, this time, with special joy on account of what I want to share with you.

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The winds of war... and the sign of the Child

By Pope Francis

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Happy Christmas!

In Bethlehem, Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. He was born, not by the will of man, but by the gift of the love of God our Father, who “so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life” (Jn 3:16).

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Editorial - Abounding Goodness

Editorial from the Australian Salesian Bulletin, Autumn 2019 issue

By Fr Frank Freeman, Editor

What a start to the year it has been! We have had our fill of sea disasters, volcanoes, bush fires, going-ons of presidents and dictators, corruption and bribery in high places, scandals amid the pillars of society, massacres in foreign countries and murders of the aged and defenceless in our own. I think I will give up on reading newspapers.

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"Goodnight, older brother"

A reflection on the Cagliero Project in action

By Michael Gartland

Kakada was an exceptionally quiet boy; shy and very hesitant to do anything that would make him stand out. Of course, this is only natural for any boy of his age at a new school and seeing a foreigner for the first time! Yet, all it took for him to come out of his shell was just a moment of interaction, a mere second or two of interest.

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