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“Run, jump, have all the fun you want at the right time, but, for heaven’s sake, do not commit sin!”
Don Bosco

National Day of Sorrow and Promise

Sorrow and Promise

Together with all Catholic religious across Australia, we the Salesians recognise pain and sufferings of survivors and secondary victims of institutional child abuse, and we pledge a commitment for a much better future. We promise a safe way forward for all, especially the young and vulnerable adults in our care.

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Greetings for the Feast of Don Bosco 2019

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Fr Ángel Fernández Artime SDB, Rector Major

Greetings from Fr Ángel Fernández Artime the Rector Major of the Salesians of Don Bosco to all Young People around the world on the accasion of the Feast of St John Bosco, January 31st, 2019.

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Don Bosco Winter Camp

Don Bosco Winter Camp

Winter Camp

Don Bosco Camp - Safety Beach

By Teaghan Dolan - Volunteer Leader

As the winter school holidays approach, we are often greeted with some of Melbourne’s worst rainy, cold and miserable weather – but the show goes on at Don Bosco Camp for its annual Junior and Senior Winter Holiday Camps!

Don Bosco Holiday Camps are unique in their creativity, being led by young people in the Salesian leadership tradition. Camp leaders come together to create activities that stretch the imagination, ranging from beach games in winter to morning dance aerobics, D.I.Y Fidget Spinner making and life size football, just to name a few. Don Bosco Camp is a place where anything goes, with campers continually guessing what’s coming next and being able to enjoy all sorts of activities both new and old while on camp, including a memorable trip to the local roller skating rink this winter.

With the Don Bosco Camp Holiday Program now having held a firm mark in many camper’s calendars for a number of years, each winter the camp is transformed through the energy and creativity of the campers and camp leaders alike. From morning till night the sound of chants, songs and laughter, together with sports, dance and imaginative games created out of the camp environment, an atmosphere of joy and friendship is formed with campers and leaders, sharing in the fun together.

The Don Bosco Camp team finish up these school holidays muddy and tired, but so very happy to have been able to share in yet another fantastic holiday program.

DBC Logo Don Bosco Camp - Safety Beach, Victoria, Australia