Let all children live in happiness


Message from the Provincial

By Fr William Mathews SDB

Dear Readers of the Salesian Bulletin,
Christmas is a time of pure wonder; a time of expectation of something good to come, and of something new and precious to be received. It is a time for the innocent of heart to enjoy gifts and to celebrate in the happiness that comes with such blessings.

A gift is an expression of love. Often, the specialness of a gift is not actually wrapped up in what the gift itself is. Rather, the significance comes as an epiphany from the heart of the giver. In the act of gift-giving, we are communicating something profound, we are saying to the receiver of our gift “I would love to give you some meaningful part of myself”.

One’s availability to another person is a precious gift. It is good to give gifts to others, not necessarily as an exchange, but when we wish to show genuine love and care. We know that parents give love to children not only at Christmas time, they give love every moment of their parenthood when they are available and are good examples. Children know and feel when they have been gifted with love from their parents. They return love and respect to their parents and they pay it forward to their siblings and friends, not just in those moments of early childhood, but throughout the remainder of their lives.

God so loved the world that he gave his only Son (Jn 3:16). This is the most precious gift of all; the person of Jesus Christ, born into humility in the manger. This gift God gave to all of us serves as a reminder and a guide; the primary reason we give gifts is to show love, and the primary way of showing love is through the constant giving of ourselves to others.

As Salesians, we express our love to God by giving our lives for the good of sall children, especially those in difficult circumstances. We expect nothing in return, other than for them to take steps towards becoming ‘good Christians and upright citizens.’ We have promised to give our lives to safeguard them from all dangers, and to lead them to a better life in genuine happiness. Our absolute priority as Salesians is to safeguard all young people even at the cost of our own life. This is paying forward the gift of love from God.

In this Christmas season and beyond, I hope and pray that all of us Salesians and lay collaborators dedicate to giving of ourselves for the good of all children, the innocent of hearts, to the best of our ability, wherever they may be in this world.

May all children receive love and live in happiness and peace!

Merry Christmas
Fr William Matthews SDB

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