Happy Birthday, Don Bosco Youth Centre!


The Don Bosco Youth and Recreation centre celebrates its 25th birthday

By Jordan Grantham

Each year over 70,000 jubilant children play on the extensive sporting facilities at the Don Bosco Youth and Recreation Centre, St Marys. The popular birthday venue celebrated its own 25th anniversary on the last weekend of June.

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So That's What You Think


Editorial for Spring, 2018.

By Fr. Frank Freeman, SDB

Many people attempt to settle differences of opinion by force. They are angered by those who hold ideas that contradict their own, yet no person, no political, economic or religious faith is the repository of all the truth. Every thoughtful and long-held belief has something to contribute to the sum total of human knowledge. Great wisdom is often to be found in the most unlikely places.

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OzBosco X

OzBosco X - 2018

10th iteration of OzBosco a massive success!

By Michael Gartland

In 10 short years, OzBosco has firmly established itself as the most important event on the Australian Salesian Youth Movement calenda , and this year’s rendition continued that proud tradition. Held over the weekend commencing on 18 May, over 170 young people, SDBs, FMAs and school staff, gathered at Salesian College Chadstone to celebrate the gift that is being a part of the Salesian Family.

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Winter Camps 2018 - A Don Bosco Special!

Winter Camps 2018

The Don Bosco Camp in Saftey Beach has greatly enjoyed another winter holiday period!

By Bridie Keily

Ah, Winter School holidays – a time to relax and rug up nice and tight to escape the cold… maybe for some, but not for the leaders and campers at the Don Bosco Camp in Saftey Beach! There are games to be played, fun to be had and friendships to be made - with rain coats fastened and big smiles worn, everyone contributed to make sure the 2018 winter camps were the best ones yet!

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Pope asks youths to rejuvenate Church, youths ask Church to listen

Pope Francis

Pope Francis begins to meet delegates from all over the world, including Australia.

By Cindy Wooden

The Catholic Church needs the enthusiasm, daring and hope of young people so that it can preach the Gospel energetically and respond to the questions men and women raise today, Pope Francis told some 300 young adults.

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Audio Divina Reaches 5000th Listen!

AD Podcast 5000th listen

Audio Divina reaches its 5,000th overall download

By Michael Gartland

With the recent publication of its 25th episode, Audio Divina has reached over 5,000 unique downloads across 47 countries, in just 5 months. Audio Divina is a weekly podcast that is inspired by Lectio Divina-styled prayer, featuring reflections provided by world-renowned scholar, Rev. Francis J. Moloney SDB AM.

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The Guidance of Twins!”


Walking towards the synod of youth hand in hand with Trust and Hope.

Salesian Bulletin Editorial by Fr. Frank Freeman, SDB

It was a moonless clouded night as I walked with a father and his little daughter from a well-lit rural hall to our accommodation. As the darkness closed in around us I whispered to the little girl, “Are you afraid of the dark?” “Oh No!” came her reply, “I’ll get ther . I am holding Daddy’s hand.” She then reached out and took my hand.

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