Young people, you are the Church of today

First Synod Group Photo

A report on the Youth Synod of Auckland

Lise Marie Schmid

This year the Auckland Catholic Youth MinistryTeam has taken the initiative to work closely and ardently with all the youths of our Diocese. They have reached out to our young people in all sorts of creative ways. Youth groups, school boys and girls, members of Catholic organizat ons from all over our Auckland Diocese from the age of 15 to 29 were invited to participate in not one but three youth synods.

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Love the Church -You Must be joking!”

Archbishop Tim Costelloe

We must realize that Jesus and the Church are two sides of the one coin.

By Archbishop Tim Costelloe, SDB

Some years ago, I managed to watch a few minutes of “Carols by Candlelight” on television. One of the artists introduced her selection of explicitly religious Christmas carols, and remarked that at Christmas we celebrate the birth of Christ, who came to bring peace, not religion! Similarly, I remember a talk I gave to a group of Christians and suggested that Christ, Eucharist and the Church, were absolutely joined together. To my surprise, a member of the audience was greatly offended by my suggestion that belonging to a Church enables you to come into contact with Christ in a unique way.

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A Request for Help: The Pacific Projects

Pacific Appeal

Br Michael Lynch

“Without you, I can do nothing” said St. John Bosco and today, these still ring profoundly true! Together we can break the cycle of poverty and ignorance that destroys so many young lives, because as followers of St John Bosco we are committed to helping youth build a better future. To do so, we believe that education and training are central in devolping an individual to their full potential.

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Final Profession of Sr Bernadette Wauki

Sr Bernadette Wauki FMA

The first Salesian Sister from the Solomon Islands.

By r. Rochelle Lamb, FMA

Mother Yvonne Reungoat officiated at the final profession of Sr Bernadette Wauki, the first FMA from the Solomon Islands, on 16 May in the St Jude’s Parish Church, Scoresby. Before the celebration began, the presiding Bishop Mark Edwards prayed alone with Sr Bernadette, a fitting gesture which coincided with the theme chosen by Sr Bernadette for her final profession, “Do not be afraid, I am with you”.

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On Time


By Michael Gartland

Today, we live in a world where everyone seems to be hard pressed for time. There’s not enough of it in the day and what’s worse, it just flies past and there’s absolutely nothing we can do to stop that. As such, there is a growing proliferation of solutions that will allow us to attain health and happiness with minimal effort spent and, most importantly, minimal time consumed. Some of course, are mere fads, someone looking to go viral or to make a quick buck, whilst others are a bit more universal, carrying some weight and depth. Recently I was a part of an intensive, three-week youth program which reminded me of a common methodology for increasing health and happiness - the directive to be more open to the inner-child, to be more childlike.

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Listening Between the Lines”

Customer Rage

It is not enough to understand someone; they must know that they have been understood

By Michael Gartland

Recently, it feels like I’ve heard a lot of talk about listening. Naturally, through Salesian circles this has come through this year’s strenna “Let us cultivate the art of listening and accompaniment”, and it seems like everyone is preparing for this grand event of listening by the Church via the upcoming synod on youth. Whenever Malcom Turnbull and Bill Shorten attempt to do anything, it’s because they’ve “heard” the electorate; Donald Trump’s success is due to how he “listened to the real America” when no one else would, and Mark Zuckerberg “hears” our privacy concerns – safe to say I don’t quite recall speaking to any of them!

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I have a future

“I have a future. Nothing is lost. I am here, and I have a future.”

Rector Major Fr Ángel Fernàndez Artime SDB

It is most certain that Don Bosco is alive today, alive in so many different realities where thousands and thousands of people carry his dream forward in the name of Jesus. And he is still alive because he continues to be their inspiration.

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