Listening Between the Lines”

Customer Rage

It is not enough to understand someone; they must know that they have been understood

By Michael Gartland

Recently, it feels like I’ve heard a lot of talk about listening. Naturally, through Salesian circles this has come through this year’s strenna “Let us cultivate the art of listening and accompaniment”, and it seems like everyone is preparing for this grand event of listening by the Church via the upcoming synod on youth. Whenever Malcom Turnbull and Bill Shorten attempt to do anything, it’s because they’ve “heard” the electorate; Donald Trump’s success is due to how he “listened to the real America” when no one else would, and Mark Zuckerberg “hears” our privacy concerns – safe to say I don’t quite recall speaking to any of them!

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A Request for Help: The Pacific Projects

Pacific Appeal

Br Michael Lynch

“Without you, I can do nothing” said St. John Bosco and today, these still ring profoundly true! Together we can break the cycle of poverty and ignorance that destroys so many young lives, because as followers of St John Bosco we are committed to helping youth build a better future. To do so, we believe that education and training are central in devolping an individual to their full potential.

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Message from Pope Francis for World Youth Day

World Youth Day

The following is the text of the Message the Holy Father Francis has sent to young people of the world on the occasion of the 33rd World Youth Day, to be celebrated on Palm Sunday, on the theme

“Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God”(Lk 1:30)

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On Time


By Michael Gartland

Today, we live in a world where everyone seems to be hard pressed for time. There’s not enough of it in the day and what’s worse, it just flies past and there’s absolutely nothing we can do to stop that. As such, there is a growing proliferation of solutions that will allow us to attain health and happiness with minimal effort spent and, most importantly, minimal time consumed. Some of course, are mere fads, someone looking to go viral or to make a quick buck, whilst others are a bit more universal, carrying some weight and depth. Recently I was a part of an intensive, three-week youth program which reminded me of a common methodology for increasing health and happiness - the directive to be more open to the inner-child, to be more childlike.

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Future melodies

Photo by Unsplash

Editorial - Autumn 2018

Frank Freeman SDB, Editor of the Salesian Bulletin

I had dropped in by invitation on a rehearsal of a college band to hear a special composition by two senior students entitled “Future melodies”. A lively piece of music was being played with the percussion instruments well to the fore. “Typical modern music”, thought I, a devoted lover of the great classical musical masters, “nothing but monotonous rhythm”. “Great”, said one of the young players eagerly as he lowered his cornet, “Did you pick up the melody?” Embarrassed, I had to confess that I had been blissfully unaware of any melodic theme. “Well, it’s there! You’ve just got to listen for it.” When they began again, I ignored the sound and fury of the drums. The melody was there alright as my young friend had said.

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I have a future

“I have a future. Nothing is lost. I am here, and I have a future.”

Rector Major Fr Ángel Fernàndez Artime SDB

It is most certain that Don Bosco is alive today, alive in so many different realities where thousands and thousands of people carry his dream forward in the name of Jesus. And he is still alive because he continues to be their inspiration.

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Bread, work and eventually heaven - Salesian Charism, at work

Fiji Christmas

By Young Pomahun

Young is a year 10 student of Don Bosco Technical school in Port Moresby, PNG

While many students are spending the school holidays relaxing at home with their families and travelling places, I was given the opportunity to work as a casual employee at Theodist Limited, a stationery company here in Port Moresby.

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