Families never go out of style

“We Are Family: Every Home a School of Life and Love.”

Fr Ángel Fernandez Artime SDB

Our family has been the most precious resource we have had in life. It was truly a cradle of life in which we felt loved, cared for, protected and accompanied so that we could manage on our own in life.

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Salesian Spirit shining through sport

Dodge Ball Medals

Michael Gartland

It’s been a big year in sport for Salesian youth in Melbourne; we’ve walked away from three different tournaments as winners – an unprecedented hattrick. The month of May saw the first step in this treble with long-awaited victory in the Brotherhood Cup, a field soccer tournament contested by seminarians, brothers and connected youth. Two weeks and several hours of dodging, catching and throwing later, the Twilight Dodgeball Party was added to the collection, whilst hundreds of dollars were raised for the Capuchin Community’s outreach programs in South Melbourne.

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Missionaries of joy and hope

Youth for positive change

Salesian Sisters Youth for Positive Change

Sr Rochelle Lamb FMA - Youth Pastroal Coordiantor

The Salesian Sisters’ community in Malololelei, Samoa, respond to a great need in favour of young people, especially the marginalised. “Salesian Sisters Youth for Positive Change” is a youth group that brings young people together empowering them to make changes in their lives for their betterment and growth.

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Cagliero Project Cambodia Immersion 2017

The Cambodian perspective

Br Joshua Pilaku SDB

The Cagliero Immersion Team arrived in Don Bosco Technical School, Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, on 1 July 2017. The team consisted of twelve Cagliero immersionists accompanied by Fr Bernie Graham, Br Tristan and Ms Romina.

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“I was in prison, you came to see me”

Sierra Leone prison

Sierra Leone

Once a guard told us that we were not allowed to kill cockroaches, because our lives were of less value than that of a cockroach,” quoted an inmate who spent 4 years in Pademba prison, Sierra Leone. The lives of these “faceless men” are an experience of continued suffering. Not by chance is it called “Hell on earth”. Even after leaving, life is not easy, unless someone decides to help you.

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Cagliero Project Cambodia Immersion 2017

The Australian Perspective

Br Tristan O'Brien SDB

The Cagliero Project’s Cambodia Immersion began many months ago with our formation weekend, and, on a hot and humid July 1st morning, we were greeted at the Phnom Penh airport by Fr Charles and a number of Salesian students. We found ourselves warmly welcomed to Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonders.

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Food and water to despairing people

Young people of Korr


As a catastrophic drought continues to worsen and spread in Kenya, the Nairobi government has declared a national disaster. Don Bosco Korr is situated in the northern county of Marsabit where it has not rained for more than a year. “The poorest of the poor are suffering the most,” he says. “They have no food and very little water.”

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