Cagliero Project Cambodia Immersion 2017

The Australian Perspective

Br Tristan O'Brien SDB

The Cagliero Project’s Cambodia Immersion began many months ago with our formation weekend, and, on a hot and humid July 1st morning, we were greeted at the Phnom Penh airport by Fr Charles and a number of Salesian students. We found ourselves warmly welcomed to Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonders.

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Missionaries of joy and hope

Youth for positive change

Salesian Sisters Youth for Positive Change

Sr Rochelle Lamb FMA - Youth Pastroal Coordiantor

The Salesian Sisters’ community in Malololelei, Samoa, respond to a great need in favour of young people, especially the marginalised. “Salesian Sisters Youth for Positive Change” is a youth group that brings young people together empowering them to make changes in their lives for their betterment and growth.

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Fighting for life in the district of the 'easy trigger'

Argentina Slums


Father Frederick Salmeron SDB

Fr Frederick ‘Chingui’ Salmeron, a 29 year old Salesian with a diploma in drug prevention, works with the young people of the Ludueña district, one of the most dangerous of Rosario, Argentina. Here people live ‘in the shadow of death’, but he, with other Salesians, keep the community alive.

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“I was in prison, you came to see me”

Sierra Leone prison

Sierra Leone

Once a guard told us that we were not allowed to kill cockroaches, because our lives were of less value than that of a cockroach,” quoted an inmate who spent 4 years in Pademba prison, Sierra Leone. The lives of these “faceless men” are an experience of continued suffering. Not by chance is it called “Hell on earth”. Even after leaving, life is not easy, unless someone decides to help you.

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The first Vietnamese Salesian, Fr Isidore Le Huong, passed away!

Fr Isidore Le Huong


Joseph Phuoc SDB

On 7 April, in the presence of more than hundred Salesians SDB and Salesian Family members, in the Salesian cemetery in Cau Bong (HCM City), was buried the first Vietnamese Salesian of Don Bosco, Fr Isidore Le Huong. He went to his eternal reward on 4 April ‒ his feastday and birthday ‒ after 60 years of Salesian consecrated life and 56 years of priesthood.

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Food and water to despairing people

Young people of Korr


As a catastrophic drought continues to worsen and spread in Kenya, the Nairobi government has declared a national disaster. Don Bosco Korr is situated in the northern county of Marsabit where it has not rained for more than a year. “The poorest of the poor are suffering the most,” he says. “They have no food and very little water.”

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A gift of hope for Don Bosco Tech

brand-new Isuzu flat deck truck

Ash Wednesday was a day of new beginnings at Don Bosco Alafua.

Matt Evans, Cagliero Volunteer to Samoa

Following a school Mass, celebrated by Fr Sefo, a new addition to the vehicle fleet, our brand-new, all-blue, Isuzu flat deck truck, was blessed. This is the realisation of a dream which began in 2016 during the Australian Siva tour which allowed our students to showcase their finest dancing skills throughout the country.

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