Let all children live in happiness


Message from the Provincial

By Fr William Mathews SDB

Dear Readers of the Salesian Bulletin,
Christmas is a time of pure wonder; a time of expectation of something good to come, and of something new and precious to be received. It is a time for the innocent of heart to enjoy gifts and to celebrate in the happiness that comes with such blessings.

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New Chapter for Don Bosco Safety Beach

Blessing of new buildings at Don Bosco Camp & Centre

By Michael Gartland

Years of planning and construction finally came to a head on Sunday the 2nd of December 2018 as the Don Bosco Camp and Centre in Safety Beach celebrated the grand opening of its new buildings. These new buildings will be instrumental in allowing the camp and centre evolve its mission further; adding a range of new services to its repertoire, such as catering for a full school year level, or more niche interests such band or sports camps.

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Our Salesian Mission in Fiji


Taking inspiration from the Strenna

By Br Silao Moeloa

Our mission this year among the youth, especially the poor, here in Fiji is based on our ‘strenna’ for 2018, “The art of listening and been a good companion and role model for the young especially those who are entrusted to our care.” Our pastoral mission consists of three different areas.

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Full Lives


A reflection from the Rector Major on just what a "full life" is.

By Father Angel Fernandez Artime, Rector Major

I believe that this is what we have most at heart, dear readers – to feel that we are living a life that is full. It seems that this is a very human aspiration. It is with this thought that I must tell you that I have come to know in my life many persons who live and have lived full lives. I propose to follow this path myself.

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Mother Yvonne Visits Salesian College Sunbury

Pope Francis

Mother Yvonne's visit came just in time to celebreate the feast of St. Maria Mazzarello.

Mother Yvonne Reungoat with Sr Lucy Rose Ozhukayil and the Sisters of the SPR province were invited to a secondary Salesian school, Salesian College Sunbury, on the outskirts of the city of Melbourne, to celebrate the feast of St Maria Domenica Mazzarello with the Year 9 Mazzarello Campus Students and staff.

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Friendship - Let’s Make a Change!


Saint Paul Massey Youth Retreat.

By Shirleen Fuimaono

The sixth of July marked the first ever St Paul’s Parish Youth Retreat at Te Mahurehure Marae in Point Chevalier, New Zealand under the guidance of Fr Mosese Tui SDB with the support of the Core Team, Group Leaders and parents.

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Oh yes, Seachange for Sure!


Emily reflects on the good fortune that she has had, to live out what many only ever dream of!.

By Emily Walter

Many people dream about moving home closer to the ocean and enjoying a seachange. I was fortunate to do just that when I took on a job at a delightful beachside holiday camp on the Mornington Peninsula. For six glorious years I lived a block away from a beautiful bay beach where I walked and watched the waters drift in and drift out, day in and day out.

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