Breaking the circuit


Editorial - Autumn 2017

Frank Freeman SDB, Editor of the Salesian Bulletin

The day-to-day business of making a living, and the fulfilment of our duties, make great demands on our energies. Immersed in a busy round of responsibilities, people and situations challenge us continually. It is not easy to find time to reflect on things outside our everyday matters. After a long tiring day on the farm or at the office, at school or in the home, most of us like to put our feet up, sit back and look at a television screen. Yet, if this becomes an unvarying routine, we could be missing out on some of the best things in life.

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Akash Bashir, salesian martyr

Akash Bashir


The heroic guard who on 15 March 2015 prevented a suicide bomber from entering a crowded Catholic Church in Lahore, Pakistan, sacrificed his life to avoid a large scale carnage in the place of worship.

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In silence and simplicity

Melbourne Street

Editorial - Summer 2016

Frank Freeman SDB, Editor of the Salesian Bulletin

We certainly live in a noisy and complex world. Noise has become a permanent backdrop to our lives in modern societies, in our bustling cities with their hurrying crowds as well in formerly tranquil countrysides. The sounds of a technological age are everywhere amid an ever increasing complexity of our lives. .

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Sr Kim Phuong’s First Profession

My journey to being a salesian sister

Sr Kim Phuong FMA

Each one of us must choose a journey for our own life. A journey that only you have to carry out. Sometimes on the journey others walk with you, but sometimes you have to walk alone and continue on the journey that you have set out. Long journeys begin with small steps. Indeed, to take a small step requires the inner strength, the courage and the spirit to explore the unknown adventure. To choose a journey for your own life is not so easy.

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Joy and Sorrow at Christmas

Charles Le Brun - Adoration of the Shepherds (17th century)

A Christmas Reflection

Fr Francis J. Moloney SDB

Our annual celebration of the Birth of Jesus is full of joy. There is only one moment when something sombre breaks into the celebration: the Feast of the Holy Innocents on December 28.

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