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The Salesian Bulletin was first published by St John Bosco in 1877. It is now published in 54 different national editions throughout the world, in a total of 30 languages. Each national edition is the agency of the Rector Major for the information and formation of the Salesian Family especially for those involved with the education and formation of youth. As such it follows the editorial and publication guidelines as formulated by the Rector Major and Council.

The Australian Salesian Bulletin was first published in 1955. Today it is issued 4 times a year with a run of 12,000 copies.

It is distributed free to individuals, families, bishops, parishes and schools throughout Australia, New Zealand the Pacific. The purpose of the Salesian Bulletin, according to the mind of St John Bosco, is to be informational and formational. It endeavours to keep its readers abreast of the main events in the Church and the Congregation on the local and worldwide level with particular attention to the overseas missions. The Australian Salesian Bulletin maintains a focus on youth issues.

Staff: All members of the editorial committee are engaged in full time activities apart from the Bulletin and give their services on a voluntary basis. Distributed freely, it depends on donations to cover costs of production and mailing. By soliciting support for the overseas Missions it raises over a million dollars each year. These donations are forwarded to various mission offices.

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Salesian Bulletin

Autumn 2018 Salesian Bulletin



The Autumn 2018 edition of the Australian Salesian Bulletin. Young people reaching out to the future. Young people reaching out to the future. Plus reflections by the Rector Major, Frank Freeman and Michael Gartland. Plus all the Salesian News from around the World, our region and our Province.

Autumn 2018 Edition
Summer 2017 Salesian Bulletin



The Summer edition carries some timely reflections on the doings and emotions that surround Christmas, whilst also looking forward to the year ahead. It provides some significant updates on the works within the province, whilst also looking outwards to the wider salesian family. Overall it is a hope-filled read, a source of calm in what can be a chaotic time of year!

Summer 2017 Edition
Spring 2017 Salesian Bulletin



The Spring edition comes with timely reminder from the Rector Major on the importance of enjoying our life with the limited time we are given. This edition also explores youth events from across the Australian-Pacific province, most notably with reports on Kiwi Bosco, Cagliero Immersion and a reflection on Salesian sport. It also covers a range of other events within the Salesian family, both from within the province and worldwide. Overall, it is a hopeful read, looking at the world around us, in a time where hope is needed in increasing quantities.

Spring 2017 Edition
Winter 2017 Salesian Bulletin



This edition features the vision of Pope Francis for young people to play a greater role in the Church and the the Rector Major’s message. As well this edition celebrates youth events and news from across the Australian-Pacific province, the Salesian Region of East Asia/Oceania and the world wide Salesian Family. On the whole it is a veritable feast of good news and encouragement in the difficult times we live in. Happy and rewarding reading.

Winter 2017 Edition

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