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Autumn 2018 Salesian Bulletin



The Autumn edition comes as a reminder that there is goodness all around us, we simply have to look for it. Featuring personal reflections by Michael Gartland on his overseas travels and Sisters Iutita Kasio and Salome Faloamae on their first professions. As pictured on the cover, it also includes a report on the recent World Youth Day, as well as the recent summer camps around Australia and new facilities in Safety Beach, plus the usual sections.

Autumn 2019 Edition
Summer 2018 Salesian Bulletin



As we draw towards the end of another year, it is a time for reflection. The editorial, the Pope and the Provincial Fr. Will Matthews reflect on the meaning of Christmas, whilst the Rector Major and the Mother General speak to the importance of youth in the Church. Included is also is a reflection on John Gartland’s year volunteering overseas with the Cagliero project, as well as news from the Salesian Family Day and other occurrences around the province.

Summer 2018 Edition
Spring 2018 Salesian Bulletin



This edition of the Salesian Bulletin celebrates the annual freshness and life renewal of Springtime and sees it as God’s annual message to us that His creation is good and that we should always maintain a firm faith and hope that there are better times to come.

Pope Francis and the Rector Major explain that sustaining hope and renewal can only come about by a growth of tolerance and the ability to enter into sincere dialogue. Increased understanding will lead to fuller meaningful lives. Plus there is a special feature: the visit of Mother Yvonne, the Mother General of the Salesian Sisters to Salesian College Sunbury.

Spring 2018 Edition
Winter 2018 Salesian Bulletin



The 2018 Winter edition of the bulletin focuses on a church that thrives only in association with young people. It features reflections by Pope Francis, Archbishop Tim Costelloe and Cindy Wooden (Rome bureau chief of the Catholic news service). Reports from Ozbosco X, the final profession of Sr Bernadette Wauki and the pacific mission drive are also included.

Winter 2018 Edition

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