Don Bosco Feast Day 2020

Feast Day Youth Festival 2021


Please read the terms and conditions below. Your booking can only be processed if you agree to the following:


I agree that the information I have entered in this application, is true and correct. I approve of this application and in doing so, understand and agree that while all reasonable care will be taken by the Feast Day Youth Festival organisers, its officers and servants, no responsibility will be taken in case of accident or illness by such persons. I authorise the Feast Day Youth Festival organisers in the event of any such accident or illness to obtain all necessary medical assistance, and I will reimburse them for all expenses. I further authorise the Feast Day Youth Festival organisers to give formal permission for the administration of the applicant to hospital, the administration of any anaesthetic by a legally qualified medical practitioner and any other medical help which may be necessary.

I consent to photographs of my child taken during Feast Day Youth Festival that may be published on the Salesian province website, social media, in Salesian publications or for publicity purposes, without acknowledgment and without being entitled to any remuneration or compensation. If your particpant would like to opt out of this clause, please contact Michael at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Feast Day Youth Festival aims to provide an environment where all participants can:

  • feel safe and comfortable;
  • have a safe, happy and enjoyable Feast Day Youth Festival experience;
  • meet new friends in an environment of joy and respect;
  • be loved and affirmed outside of their home environment;
  • develop as persons and develop a wide range of abilities;
  • develop good memories of having fun together with other young people and adults;
  • experience God and develop their spiritual character.

We ask that the following rules and expectations be read by the Feast Day Youth Festival participants before applying.

Feast Day Youth Festival Rules

  • Without exception, each Feast Day Youth Festival participant is to take responsibility for his or her actions;
  • During Feast Day Youth Festival all participants are asked are to respect themselves, other participants, all staff, the public and all property (i.e. their own and other people's);
  • Every participant is to follow staff directions at all times, especially respecting the host school and activity boundaries;
  • No participant is to bring matches, cigarettes, weapons, alcohol or un prescribed drugs to Feast Day Youth Festival.

Feast Day Youth Festival Expectations

  • We expect every participant to join in Feast Day Youth Festival without hindering anyone else's experience and to cooperate in making Feast Day Youth Festival a safe and enjoyable place for all;
  • We expect all participants to join in liturgies throughout Feast Day Youth Festival;

Failure to comply with these rules and expectations may result in a Feast Day Youth Festival participant being asked to leave the event.


The Salesians of Don Bosco, Province of Australia have a Privacy Policy Statement detailing the handling of personal information. If you require any further details please contact: The Privacy Officer, 3 Middle St. Ascot Vale 3032

For more information please contact Michael at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.