A Variety of Salesian Vocations

The Salesian Vocation is lived out formally as Priests Religious Brothers and Sisters, as consecrated singles, as Salesian Co-operators and as people who are part of Salesian works as volunteers and employees.


Salesian priests work together with Salesian Brothers and are ordained to serve the needs of the young to whom they is sent. As a spiritual guide, the Salesian Priest is specifically trained to ‘tune in’ to the needs and interests of the young and he pays attention to their desires for understanding, love and guidance.

It is a common sight to find a Salesian priest in all kinds of recreational settings with the young, involved in their leisure activities and helping them to prepare for the future through Christian education and values.

He helps young people develop a spiritual life, so as to become good Christians and honest citizens. The Salesian priest brings the church to the young through his presence in schools, parishes, youth centres, retreats, camps and in anywhere young people can be found.


The Salesian Brothers commit themselves to follow the call of Christ who welcomes the young and the poor in their midst. As a vowed member of the Salesian community of Priests and Brothers, each Brother brings his own talents, gifts and personality to the service of the Church.

He shares the Gospel message of hope and life with the young. He joins other professed Salesian priests, brothers and sisters, in the vision and the meaning of life in a community setting. Living as members of the Salesian Family, they contribute responsibilities, talents and ministry experiences to help serve and educate the young of the world.


The Salesian Cooperators are single or married lay men and women, or diocesan clergy, who make a formal commitment to be part of the Cooperator movement to support the welfare of young people, and live guided by Don Bosco's Salesian Spirit.

Generally the Salesian Cooperators are affiliated with a local Salesian school, parish and youth centre. Some of the Cooperators work directly in Salesian ministries while others serve in their parishes or other ministries. Some Cooperators do not work directly with any particular ministry, but bring the Salesian Spirit to their work place, profession, and family.

The core of the Salesian Cooperators' commitment is to live his or her life as a good Christian or Catholic. The Salesian Co-operator embraces a Gospel way of life, sharing in the Church's mission to bring Christ to society, especially the young.

Lay Salesians

There are many people who work for the good of the young sharing in a Salesian Spirit. They share their talents and gifts in many varied Salesian works as single and married lay people. They are involved in education, camps, recreation centres, youth programs, Salesian parishes and volunteer service programs.