Vocations Video Cover

The word vocation comes from the Latin vocare which means "to call." This call can be lived out in various ways: single life, marriage, priesthood or consecrated life. These are ways of living in a supported and focused way.

To say yes to sharing your life and gifts for others in a focused way means saying no to other possibilities, no matter what way of life you choose there will always be choices, a vocation is the commitment to align your choices towards what is best for you and the world. In a Christian understanding, you can make a decision about your vocation, but that choice is a response to an invitation from God; to live in a way that allows you the freedom to live your most virtuous and gifted life.

Vocation Prayer

Dear God,
You have a great and loving plan for our world and for me.
I want to do my part in your plan.
Help me to see the signs that You give me.
Open my heart to respond to You.
Grant me the courage to follow your call.
Give me the strength to serve You and your people with generosity and love.