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Treasure Within

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Treasure Within - Rediscovering the Mystics

We cannot achieve transformation; it is the work of the Holy Spirit in our souls. God never forces himself on us, but he invites us to open the door, to enter through the narrow gate, to discover the treasure within, which is the divine indwelling. What we are asked to do is to slip out of our external world of activity and busyness from time to time, on a daily basis ideally, and to enter our inner world in silent prayer, where, as Jesus promises, the Father is already waiting for us.

In part two of the book I have chosen to write about five people who have touched my life and given me the confidence to embark on this journey. They have deeply explored the contemplative journey. Their lives point to the vision and experience of all the mystics: oneness with God, oneness with others, oneness with creation. I hope this little book encourages you to embark on this journey to explore what Jesus meant when he said, Seek and you will find.