Writings of Don Bosco

A collection of publications and letters written by St John Bosco.


The Memoirs of the Oratory of Saint Francis de Sales is Don Bosco's Autobiography in which he retells the storys and events that made a saint!
Translated into English by Daniel Lyons, SDB

New Biography of Don Bosco

By Teresio Bosco SDB

What follows are the words of St. John Bosco to his Salesians as found in his writings. They refer to the treatment of the boys and young men who visited the Oratory every day. This same advice can be applied to the young people in our Schools and Clubs today.

Letter from St. John Bosco to his Salesians, from Rome, May 10, 1884 outlining the place of friendship, relationship and recreation in his 'preventative' approach.

Don Bosco wrote only one essay explaining his pedagogical method, The Preventive System in the Education of the Young. This is an English translation of that essay written in 1877.

The Adventures of an Alpine Lad, Severino
As told by Don Bosco.

The Life of Mickey Magone. - By St John Bosco

The Life of Dominic Savio. - By St John Bosco

The Life of Besucco Francis. - By St John Bosco