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Don Bosco - Stories of Loving Kindness

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Don Bosco’s spirituality challenges every culture to build life around loving kindness. David O'Malley has brought together a collection of stories from the life of Don Bosco to capture many aspects of that loving kindness: a loving kindness that creates community. In these stories you will see Don Bosco's youth community as a constant backdrop to the kindness celebrated in each narrative. Notice the quality of the relationships and communication that transpires in the stories and see where the parallels lie with your own living and working alongside the young. They will remind us of the goodness deep down in the ordinary lives of parents, teachers, youth leaders and young people.

These stories are about Don Bosco; however, your own experience is tilled with anecdotes that have happened to you or to others that are worth telling to young people. Become a storyteller and you will become an even more effective parent, teacher and youth worker.