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Grateful Heirs

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The history of Australia is full of good stories, real life stories of exceptional men and women who performed outstanding deeds of bravery, endurance, make-do, foresight, kindness and self-sacrifice. In doing so they became legendary figures in our national story.

“Grateful Heirs” has all these ingredients, and combined, they make an inspiring yarn.

It is the story of any exceptionally brave and tenacious group of Salesian priests and brothers who, with little knowledge of Australia and Australian conditions, came to add the spirituality of St John Bosco to the emerging Catholic Church.

It is a good yarn, not filled with spectacular events but stories that tells, warts and all, of humble (and not so humble), fallible, men, whose dogged perseverance in the face of testing trails and crushing disappointment finally succeeded in establishing a foothold in a strange and enigmatic land. They were heroes all.

Writing is a lively style, the ‘greats’ of the story come to life as likeable characters with all their strengths and weaknesses.

“Grateful Heirs” is a significant contribution to Australian religious biography.